5 Things to Do RIGHT NOW to Save Your Family Headache & Heartache After You Die

Presenter of webinar:

Jane Duncan Rogers author of Before I Go: Practical Questions to Ask and Answer Before You Die

Join me to discover the 5 small things that have a HUGE impact later on - but which you can do something about today... 

"Jane's webinar not only gave us the impetus to meet with our solicitor and get the legals sorted,  
but it has given us the opportunity to get to know each other better. 
We want totally different things for our remains after we die! Who knew?"  
Mhairi McLean, Scotland


This webinar will start in:

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October 2nd 2017

  • 6:00PM BST (London) 

  • 10am Pacific (Los Angeles)  

  • 1PM Eastern (New York)

You will get the recording of this event 
PLUS an opportunity to start creating and designing your own end of life plan